Blue Nile Waterfalls

In short

The Blue Nile River starts in Lake Tana and is one of the major head water sources for the Nile river that flows through Sudan and Egypt. About 30 km after it exits Lake Tana the Blue Nile plunges over a 45 m high rock face to form one of Africa’s most spectacular waterfalls. In the rainy season the width of the falls is about 400 m. The falls are also known as Tis Isat smoking water. Watching the waterfalls is a truly awe-inspiring experience.

Since in 2011 a hydro-electric station has taken much of the flow out of the falls except during in the rainy season when it still offers amazing views.

A short distance downstream from the falls sits the first stone bridge constructed in Ethiopia. It was built at the command of Emperor Susenyos in 1626. The surrounding landscape and views are outstanding.