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Bird sights

In short Ethiopia has rightly become one of the Africa’s leading birding destinations. The birds of particular region (avifauna) represent an interesting mixture of Eastern and West African, Palearctic and endemic components. In addition to over 850 species of birds, of which a staggering 32 of are endemic, Ethiopia has a number of spectacular endemic mammals, …

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Arba Minch

In short The town Arba Minch is situated at the norther western edge of the lake Chamos, and the lakes northern end lies in the Nechisar National park. It is located in the great Rift Valley at an elevation of 1235 m above sea level. The lake is 26 km long and 22 km wide and …

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Gheralta the home of five fingres mountain


In short The Gheralta Mountain range, which rises approximately  and almost perpendicularly above the Hawozin plain, offers some of the most spectacular views in Tigray. This is an area of sand stone escarpments, stone built villages and rock-hewn churches. Some of the churches in this area are: Mariam Bahrain Church Abune yemata church  – situated …

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the way clmbing to the monastry church of Dber Damo

Debre Damo

In short Debre Damo (6th century) monastery church is situated on an isolated mountain in the northern part of Tigray. The history of Debre Damo is focused on the ”nine saints”, who came to Ethiopia from Syria to spread Christianity in the Tigray region. One of them was Saint Aregawi, who settled on the mountain …

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Rafu Bale Mountains

Bale Mountains

Bale National park( Bale Mountain ) This national park has a beautiful landscape, natural forests and great wild life. All visitors have unforgettable memories about the nature, as well as the good knowledge about the traditional medicine. In Bale Mountains grow different types of plants for traditional medicine. One special activity for Bale Mountains is horse …

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Simian Mountains

SIMIAN MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARKS  Massive erosion over the years on the Ethiopia plateau has created one of the most spectacular land escape in the world, with jagged mountain peaks, deep valleys and sharp precipices dropping some 1500 m. The park is home to some extremely rare animals such as the Gelada baboon, the endangered Ethiopian …

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In short Axum is a UNESCO world heritage site. This small town has an enchanting mix of small-town life and ancient history. Its mountaintop monasteries, underground tombs, carved obelisks and ancient castles make it a fascinating tourist destination. The ruins of the ancient city of Axum are found close to Ethiopia’s northern border. They mark the …

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In short Gonder, founded in the 17th century, has approximately 300 000 inhabitants. It is situated north of Lake Tana at an elevation of 2133 meters above sea level. The city previously served as the capital of both the Ethiopian Empire and the subsequent Begemder Province. The city holds the remains of several royal castles which …

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