Arba Minch

In short

The town Arba Minch is situated at the norther western edge of the lake Chamos, and the lakes northern end lies in the Nechisar National park. It is located in the great Rift Valley at an elevation of 1235 m above sea level. The lake is 26 km long and 22 km wide and it has a surface area of 317 square km and the maximum depth is 13 km.

Lake Chamo is rich in a variety of fishes including tiger fish, giant Nile perch, cat fish and tilapia, which offers fine sport. In the bays, a number of Hippos emerge at dusk to graze on the grassy shores. Lake Chamo is also a sanctuary for several thousands Nile Crocodiles, which can be up to seven meters in length. The bird life is also enjoyable at the lake. Hordess of yellow waiver birds flit constantly through the trees, and vividly Colorado kingfishers skim the lake where great white pelicans storks, ibises, hornbills and cormorants plumb the waters for food.


Dorze village and people

Dorze village is found in the southern part of Ethiopia in Arab Minch. After visiting Lake Chamo this village is very interesting to visit. It is only a short trip of driving, an hour up Arab Minch mountain. You can visit really remarkable dorze huts, surprisingly large as they are home to animals as well as a kitchen and sleeping area. You have the option to spend the night in some of the huts or take a short tour. The village is clean and neat with special interest in construction of huts and an excellent presentation on bread made from false banana.

The dorze are a small ethnic group inhabiting the Gamo Gofa Zone (formerly part of the northern zone of the Southern nationalities). They speak the dorze language on omotic tongue. According to ethnologist the dorze number was 29 000 individuals in 1994. They primarily live in the southern part of the country, though some have migrated to Addis Ababa and other regions. Many reside in the villages near the cites of Chencha and Arba Minch. Weaving is the primary profession for a number of dorze, their poly phonic multi part vocal music features as sophisticated use of hocket.