Bird sights

In short

Ethiopia has rightly become one of the Africa’s leading birding destinations. The birds of particular region (avifauna) represent an interesting mixture of Eastern and West African, Palearctic and endemic components. In addition to over 850 species of birds, of which a staggering 32 of are endemic, Ethiopia has a number of spectacular endemic mammals, and a scenic diversity and cultural uniqueness that are probably unequal in Africa.

Many people imagine Ethiopia as the flat, famine ridden desert, but this is far from the case. Ethiopia is remarkably diverse and unexpectedly lush. This is the ”Roof of Africa” holding the continent’s largest and most contiguous mountain ranges. Some of the tallest peaks, cleaving the mountains, is the Great Rift valley, which is dotted with beautiful lakes. Towards the borders of the country lie stretches of dry scrub that are more like the desert most people imagine, but even this arid savanna, divers is high, and the desert explodes into verdure during the rainy season. The diversity of Ethiopia’s landscapes support a parallel diversity of birds and other wild life.


Unique bird sights